Great Additions, Inc. manufactures and installs a wide range of additions. There are many adjectives to describe our rooms: Sunrooms, Solariums, Patio rooms, Florida rooms, and many more. In essence, the general theme of our additions is to create an area that has a light and airy atmosphere with the feeling of being outdoors, but with the comforts and convenience of the indoors. Our additions are designed for each project so windows and doors can be positioned in virtually any arrangement. They can also be eliminated so the walls can be built without any windows if you like, such as a bedroom or a wall area where an entertainment center or a fire place will be. The overall design depends on the "purpose" of the room, how you intend to use the room, and how you intend to furnish the room.

Welcome to GREAT Additions Inc.

Great Additions, Inc. is located in Luzerne, PA. (Northeast PA, near Wilkes-Barre, PA)

We have a showroom and manufacturing plant located at 265 Charles St., Luzerne, PA.

Established in 1988, with 15 years prior experience in additions and remodeling.

We design, manufacture, and build all types of additions.

We specialize in sunrooms, solariums, screen and glass enclosures.

We build with wood or aluminum framing.

In many cases, we will pre-cut and assemble  the floor, wall, and roof components in our shop. These are shipped to your site on our trucks and are usually set in place in one day!  (see the "unfinished pictures" on this site.) 

Our remodeling services include: kitchens, baths, structural wall removal, decks, etc.

We offer complete turnkey projects using our own staff. . . rarely do we sub-contract.

We also offer unfinished (shell) additions.  These additions can include various amounts of exterior and interior finishing allowing you or your private contractor to finish the project.

We build from the foundation up including heating, plumbing, and electrical work.

Finishing touches include tile floors, wood floors, wainscoting, and painting.

We coordinate the installation of spas and can provide the necessary wiring.

Estimates are free of charge and approximate estimates are available over the phone or by e-mail. 

Drawings of your project can be provided at a nominal charge

Great Additions Inc.

265 Charles St., Luzerne, Pa. 18709

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570-283-5050       Main Office, MFG plant, Showroom

570-675-0852       Evenings


Available upon request. 

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